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Libro - The Vihuela de Mano and The Spanish Guitar

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Libro - The Vihuela de Mano and The Spanish Guitar


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Tapa dura. 585 páginas. Fotos en blanco y negro. En inglés. José L. Romanillos Vega & Marian Harris Winspearl.

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A Dictionary of the makers of plucked and bowed musical instruments of Spain (1200-2002)
In more than 1500 entries in this first Dictionary about Spanish guitar makers readers will find five centuries of musical instrument making in Spain. Several dynasties of instrument makers can be found as well as the places and streets where they lived and worked and the social conditions of the times. In the twenty-eight appendices (the original version in Spanish is also included) information is given about the Ordinances of the Guilds of instrument makers; details about the construction of vihuelas de mano and guitars; names of the masters and apprentices and their personal appearance; working conditions; indentures and certificates of examination; inventories of workshops listing the tools and implements of their craft, woods and prices of materials and instruments. An extensive bibliography and documented references are given for readers interested in further research. In the Prologue to this book José. Romanillos gives his insight into the development of the vihuela de mano and the Spanish guitar. This will be an indispensable reference book for instrument makers, historians, musicologists, museums, musical instrument collectors, auction houses, dealers and guitar enthusiasts alike.

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